We need leaders who listen, seek other ideas

Open Forum

To me the most important question during this political season it this: Please explain how you work with people whose politics are diametrically opposite to yours. I ask that question at every political function I attend.

We all have different ways of approaching problems, different ways of thinking.

And we all have something to contribute to the discussion.  We all have ideas to help solve the problems. If we don’t get input from “the other,” we will miss out on valuable information. We need to ask our leaders to consider a broad spectrum of alternatives.

I asked that question to Dan Feehan, First District candidate for Congress.

He explained what he learned while working as the acting assistant secretary of defense at the Pentagon. He learned to take his grand ideas FIRST to the very person he knew would completely disagree with him. Taking his grand ideas to all the people he knew would agree with him didn’t further the dialogue. He learned to actively seek out a broad spectrum of ideas. Then, even if the colleagues continued to disagree, at least they had begun a dialogue. At least the other person no longer seemed like an enemy. We need leaders who seek out dialogue, even debate. We need leaders who listen. Dan Feehan is a seeker and a listener.

Sandy Webb