Snyder wins Rushford Days button design contest

Chad Smith

Rushford-Peterson fourth-grader Kenly Snyder is the winner of this year’s Rushford Days button contest. Rushford’s annual celebration is set for July 15-21, and attendees have to wear a button—this year with Kenly’s design on it— to participate in many of the activities.

Every year, the Rushford Festivities committee puts out the call to local 3rd through 5th graders asking them to send in their designs for the Rushford Days Button. Snyder’s mom, Leah Snyder-Potter, said winning the contest was a big thrill for Kenly. “I was so proud of her,” said Snyder-Potter. “I was super excited for her because it’s a big deal to be the winner. I told her about how many people are going to see her design on their buttons and Kenly said, ‘I’m almost famous!’

“Kenly draws when she’s around the house, so this isn’t something new. We have a lot of artistic people in my family and she’s obviously caught the bug. This is her first attempt at the button contest, and she won.”

Snyder-Potter said her daughter loves to draw animals, as well as the typical “girl stuff.” She didn’t help Kenly with the drawing at all, other than give some guidelines.

This year’s theme for the button design was agriculture, a big part of life in southeast Minnesota. “I did say she might want to include things like the hills we have around here, as well as animals and crops, but she did all the drawing,” Snyder-Potter said. “It probably took her 1.5-2 hours total to finish.”

Each entry had to include “Rushford Days 2019,” “,” and “July 15-21, 2019.” Winning the contest means Kenly Snyder will win $25 in the local currency “Valley Doe.” Snyder will also   be recognized at the July 15 Queen Pageant, and when she gets a ride in the Rushford Days Grande Parade. She’ll also receive a free button for Rushford Days this year.

Snyder said she’s really excited to win the contest on her first try. “I was excited to draw a picture for the contest,” she recalled. “I didn’t know for sure if I had a chance to win because there were so many other people doing it. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to draw right away. I knew I wanted a barn and some animals in there too.”

What is it that she likes most about drawing? “Just sitting down, drawing and coloring in a quiet place,” she said. “I kind of pictured my button design in my head a little bit before drawing it as I was sitting there quietly. Then I went with it.”

Snyder-Potter says her daughter is a “super athletic kid who loves horseback riding on her aunt’s farm.” That’s where she likely got a lot of inspiration from for the winning picture. “They pretty much have every kind of animal out there, so it’s her favorite place to go,” the proud mom said.

Rushford Days buttons are $10.00 and are available at Pam’s Corner, Rushford Foods, or at the Button Booth at Fest Grounds during Rushford Days festivities.