Runners compete in world’s largest meet at Milaca

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The Chatfield cross-country team participated Saturday in the Milaca Mega Meet, which coach Chris Frye says is the biggest high school meet in the world with over 6,000 runners competing in the various races. 

“It was exciting to participate in such a huge event,” said Frye.  “The kids competed well.  With the girls’ team we are finally getting over some nagging injuries, and the performance reflected that.  The boys’ team is still working to overcome some illness and injury, but ran well.  We’re improving, and that’s the goal every week.”

The gals finished 12th (365 points) as a team, with 30 teams in the 5K event.  A total of 225 gals finished the varsity meet.  Mesabi East (122) was the Division 4 winner, with Providence Academy (149) coming in second and West Central Area (166) third.  Eighth grader Aletta Strande was the top finisher for the Lady Gophers.  She had a time of 22:19.2 and finished 52nd (score), 57th overall.  Beatrice Martin (junior, 54/59, 22:20.8) and Katelyn Dornack (freshman, 70/76, 22:50.2) were Chatfield’s second and third runners.  They were followed by Abbi Gillespie (freshman, 88/95, 23:25.5), Isabelle Berg (sophomore, 101/112) and Kaylee Maker (junior, 124/139, 24:49.6).

The boys were 27th (610 points) of 33 teams in the Division 4 meet.  West Central Area (83 points) won the boys D4 event with Nova Classical Academy (126) second and St. James (135) third.

Top runner, again, for Chatfield was eighth grader Treyton Lanning.  Lanning ran the 5,000 meters in 19:03.3, finishing 90th (scoring) and 107th overall.  Next up for Chatfield were the Wright boys, Evan (98/118, sophomore, 19:19.4) and Alex (103/123, sophomore, 19:24.2).  Rounding out the Chatfield varsity squad were Cooper Frederick (131/156, senior, 20:05.8) and Colby Aarhus (188/242, junior, 22:50.9).  There were 270 varsity runners completing the race.

Here are the other Chatfield runners that competed, their division that they ran in, their overall finish and their time.

Seventh grade boys (3,200 meters, 274 runners, 19 teams):  Alec Armstrong, 143rd, 14:51.2; Bjorn Guzman, 232nd, 16:56.6; Kory Aarhus, 233rd, 16:58.0;

Seventh grade girls (3,200 meters, 19 teams, 252 runners): Eliana Ruskell, 83rd, 15:19.0; Joselyn Wilson, 161st, 16:49.0; Miriana Miron, 187th, 17:17.1; Estrella Cardenas, 245th, 21:32.0.

Eighth grade boys (3,200 meters, 405 runners, 40 teams): Lynn Borgen, 208th, 14:12.7; Gabe Erding, 236th, 14:29.5; Colton Guenther, 250th, 14:40.5.

Eighth grade girls (3,200 meters, 19 teams, 249 runners): Lillian Hanson, 151st, 16:06.5; Elizabeth Schieffelbein, 196th, 17:26.1.

Ninth grade boys (5,000 meters, 41 teams, 454 runners): Brennan Hill, 438th, 27:53.5.

Sophomore grade girls (5,000 meters, 19 teams, 260 runners): Joanna Salerno, 166th, 26:04.5.

JV boys (5,000 meters, 54 teams, 710 runners): Sam Miron, freshman, 588th, 24:10.9; Konnor Kivimagi, sophomore, 591st, 24:13.6; Joey Steien, senior, 646th, 25:29.9.

JV girls (5,000 meters, 42 teams, 511 runners): Anna Kivimagi, freshman, 346th, 27:01.6; Savannah Thompson, 8th grade, 354th, 27:05.4.

The Chatfield runners don’t have any meets this week, but host “The Shoe” on Tuesday, Oct. 2, and travel to Lewiston-Altura on Thursday, Oct. 4.