Peterson City Council deals with weather issues

By : 
Judah Torgerud
Tri-County Record

Like many area municipalities, the city of Peterson has dealt with hardships and hurdles created by an unusually snowy weather. Those matters were the focus of much of the March 13 meeting of the City of Peterson City Council.


Vehicle ordinance buffer

A vehicle ordinance will be acted upon after the snow melts, allowing people some time to deal with uninsured and unregistered vehicles. Once the ordinance is enforced, people will be charged fees for said vehicles sitting in the open on their property.

City maintenance

Because of the massive amounts of water in recent weeks, the city is currently working with engineering firm WHKS with to help maintain the city, and tasks such as ditch cleanup will also need to be done. "I hate to say it but, WHKS, we might have a lot of stuff for them to look at," said Mayor Hallum.


New website

Andrzej Zalasinaki, Director of the Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce, is helping create a new website for Peterson. It will have the same functionality as the old one but will have a new look that matches the new logo Peterson has adopted. People will still be able to check ordinances, apply for building permits, and listen to recordings of the city council meetings, but the new site will have the added benefit of being more mobile-friendly (easier to access and use via smartphone).


Wood burning in city park

The DNR makes illegal the burning of wood in county parks that is from other counties. The Peterson City Park doesn’t have to follow this ruling as it is a city park. “There’s no way to enforce it,” according to Gail Boyum.



Mayor Tim Hallum is going to the League of Minnesota Cities Mayor’s Conference and the City Clerk Chris Grindland is going to a League of Minnesota Cities Conference.



The next meeting of the City of Peterson City Council will be held Wednesday, April 10 at 6 p.m. All members of the public are encouraged to attend