Motivational speaker tells parents they are important to their children and are heroes

CHARLIE WARNER/NEWS LEADER Terrence Talley really had the crowd rocking and on its feet during the hour-long motivational speech this past Wednesday evening at the Mabel Area Community Center.

CHARLIE WARNER/NEWS LEADER Terrence Talley was quite an impressive speaker.

CHARLIE WARNER/NEWS LEADER Terrence Talley had some “volunteers” come up front to play a game to get the night going. The parents had a great time trying to remember lyrics from upbeat songs.
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Charlie Warner
News Leader

“You are heroes to your children. You are very important to their lives. You should never give up on them or yourselves. You must push on. Your life is so important. You are here tonight because you love your children and you’re taking the time out of your busy lives because you are involved with your kids. And that is so important.”

That was what motivational speaker Terrence Talley told a group of about 100 during an hour-long speech last Wednesday night at the Mabel Area Community Center. Talley was brought to Mabel on Feb. 27 by the Mabel-Canton and North Winn school districts. He made several presentations during the day to M-C and North Winn students and then urged the students to encourage their parents to attend the Wednesday evening event.

“How many of you adults are here tonight because your students urged you to come?” Talley asked the crowd. Quite a few hands shot up. “You are wonderful parents. You care. You love your children and want to be involved with their lives.”

To the students attending the evening session he added, “Students, you have great parents. They love you. You need to thank them for caring.”

Talley utilized upbeat music, comedy, amusing and touching stories to hammer home the point that everyone is important and wants to be loved.

Talley, who grew up in the Twin Cities, was taught to never give up and to help others do the same. Whether it was coping with being teased for the way he looked as a child, dealing with the death of a parent, or dealing with myriad of issues during his life, he never gave up. Talley is married and the father of two daughters. He incorporated a number of humorous antidotes while stressing the importance of family.

According to Talley’s mission statement, his aim is to give every student hope and empower them to give hope to others. “I believe what happens to a student today will affect the community tomorrow. That’s why it’s important to not only educate their minds but their hearts as well. My family and I have committed our lives to making a lasting and positive impact in the lives of the students everywhere,” he stated.

Talley went on to stress how important a stable, two-parent family is. The negative effects of a child without a father can be seen in countless studies and reports. He cited statistics that show the importance of a father figure in the majority of children's lives. Fatherless families result in 63 percent of youth suicides, 90 percent of all runaways, 85 percent of children who exhibit behavioral disorders, 71 percent of high school dropouts and 75 percent of adolescent patients in substance abuse centers.

“I want students and parents alike to know that they matter, and because they matter, they can make a difference,” Talley added.

Talley’s stop in Mabel was sponsored by the Mabel Lions Club, Mabel First Lutheran WELCA, Scheie Lutheran WELCA, the Mabel-Canton Booster Club and the North Winn and Mabel Canton school districts.