Marchant’s has been a fixture for 95 years

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Marchant's Super Service -- it's been there for a long time!  It has been at the same general location for about 95 years...must have an anniversary coming up!!

The photo accompanying this column is from the calendar of service stations that the historical society offered in 2005 for its 150th anniversary.

Al Marchant opened the station in 1923 but added gasoline about 1933.  The photo shows a group of men lined far as we know: Fred Kohn, an unknown, Carl Biel, the Conklin brothers in fur collared coats, another unknown, Lloyd Finneseth and Al Marchant. Lloyd Finneseth worked for Marchant’s for many, many years. 

Beginning at left: There is a '32 Dodge bulk truck under the sign "Marchant Super Service" plus a sign that says "......faster service".  Then a tall tower of Fisk tires of which the thinness seems to be obvious from the “old days.”  Between the two men are the Fisk Tires, and a lovely picture of an airplane.  Captain Midnight had a radio program featuring an airplane; was this advertising for that?  Then there are boxes of inner tubes (?) labeled as such.

Above the '28 (or whatever) Chrysler is the "TAG" but the rest is blocked out.  We know that Tagoline Motor Oils was available at the time.  Then a Good Year sign, and another pump; was this for kerosene?  The radiator has a fine figurine. ...maybe a charging animal or bird or whatever?  The spare tire is mounted on the right side of the fender, of course.

A sign in the window indicates something for FREE but who knows what?  Can you imagine Marchant taking in those tires every night?  Maybe he replaced them often. 

Well, we will continue with other photos from the calendar...see if we pick one of your favorites.