Mabel History Preservation Group seeking identification of historic photo

The 1927 basketball team from Mabel. The History Preservation Group is seeking help from the public to identify the players in the photo.

The History Preservation Group in Mabel is finding photos that show a variety of aspects of town. It has recently discovered a photo of the 1927 Mabel basketball team. However, the players are not identified and the group would like to know who they are. If anyone can identify them, please contact one of the members.

The photo shows such a great group of young athletes. It is interesting to know that basketball has been an ongoing sport in Mabel for a long time.

Group members are also always asking each person in Mabel to rethink their life in the community and to write down facts or fun “fiction” stories to share. Photos that show the past are also welcome.

The preservation group has found this to be a fascinating journey and other Mabel residents are invited to join the efforts to record Mabel’s history.

“Our history can be as complete as we make it,” said member Dode Stoskopf. “We give that challenge to you who live here now. That makes this work more important because the future will be able to find out what out town is to us and to those in the past.”


I have a picture of the girl's basketball team from 1927, which others may have as well. I could make a copy if anyone wanted it. I'm sure you have probably got identification of some on the boy's picture. I also have a Mabel annual from 1927 with the senior's pictures and tried matching them up. The only one I'm pretty sure of would be Donald Tollefson in the middle in the back row. I'm not on Facebook but if anyone would be interested in that girl's picture my e-mail is   I believe I know all on that pic.