Letter: Better future possible with better leader

Let's look at what our nation has and finally what we need. Glenn Kessler from the Washington Post has documented over 10,000 lies and misstatements by Trump since he became president. Some seem to think that telling a couple of lies or misstatements by former presidents is somehow equivalent to 10,000 whoppers, which clearly makes Trump a pathological deviant.

Republicans have tried many times to kill Obamacare because of its coverage for pre-existing conditions. Even now Trump is fighting in the courts to end this coverage. Republicans had total control of Congress for two years. They gave us tax cuts for the wealthy, which will add about $2 trillion to our nation's debt, corporate-loving judges, but no healthcare plan.

Trump shows his love for murderous dictators and denigrates our longtime allies. Trump has done lasting damage to American farmers. His tariffs have made China realize that they must cultivate stronger relationships with other nations such as Brazil. Republicans and Trump ignore climate change at our peril. Canadian scientists from Edmonton looked at over 100,000 precipitation records around the world dating back to 1964. They discovered that catastrophic rain events have increased every single decade. This is easy to understand if one knows that every 1°C increase in temperature allows the atmosphere to absorb 7 percent more water.

The fact that a lot of Christians still support Trump, I find to be astounding, abhorrent, and also fascinating. Trump is an admitted sexual assaulter and adulterer. He seems to have no morals or ethics and cares only about his power and money. He treats migrants and little children horribly in concentration camp-like conditions. He seems to be a sort of anti-Christ, yet so many apparently see him as their shepherd.

We can have a better future if we elect moral, intelligent leaders. If we are to maintain our position in the world we must especially focus on education and research. We also need to modernize transit to both reduce congestion in mega-cities and to allow better access to outlying areas. We need increased availability for affordable healthcare, the ability of workers to receive a livable wage even with the growth of robotics, and action on climate change.

Greg Rendahl