Kingsland referendum fails

Precinct voting results for the Kingsland referendum.

Kingsland’s operating levy referendum failed with 56.8 percent of the voters opposing the measure, which would have revoked the existing levy of $427.82 per pupil with a new levy of $1,042.

The only precincts voting in favor of the referendum were the city of Spring Valley and Beaver Township. 

No voters supported the referendum in York Township and the proposal was supported by just 13.8 percent of voters in Fountain Township. In the more populous precincts on the eastern side of the district, 75 percent voted no in Fillmore Township, 74 percent voted no in Wykoff and 67 percent voted no in Forestville Township.

The referendum would have taken effect with taxes payable in 2019 and lasted for 10 years. 

District officials said the levy would be used to offer more classes in the trades and career education programs while also improve its financial condition. Kingsland has a declining fund balance that may necessitate reductions in educational programs and could place the district in statutory operating debt by the 2020-21 school year.

The Kingsland School Board at its October regular meeting passed a resolution for the establishment of a combined polling place for multiple precincts and designation of polling hours for elections not held on the day of a statewide election, which would allow the district to hold another election prior to the next 2020 statewide election.