Junk seekers take a bit too much during city-wide clean-up

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I’m not really sure how to describe this, but here goes. Up here in Halstad they have what they call a city clean-up day. It’s not unique to this community, but we haven’t been involved in one for a while. On a given day, the city will pick up all of your trash. I think Chatfield does this shortly after they have their city-wide rummage sale. Right? Well, Halstad does the same thing. But the scavengers get out early, sometimes even before the night-before the city pick-up day.

We’re now in the PaPa and TaTa’s Junk Shed business. We sell old stuff! The weekend before the city-wide pick-up the scavengers (junk seekers) came through and took all of our stuff we had standing out behind our garage. Before we had a chance to sort it out. We were not planning on getting rid of everything that was taken. In other words, we were robbed.

Then, when we did put out our stuff, it was swooped up in less than a couple of hours, all during the nighttime. We just watched car after car, pick-up after pick-up, trailer after trailer, drive through our alley, checking out what we had to throw away. By the time the city got there Monday morning, I bet there wasn’t 20 percent left of what we set out Sunday afternoon and Sunday evening. By mid-morning on Monday, behind our garage was spotless. We’re just thankful the garage is still there! I think it is a great gesture by the city, but I wish the junk seekers would have waited until we got things sorted out.

Considering the ESPY nomination, I’m not sure which category it would go under, but that commercial with the Pittsburgh Steeler fan (the young girl ripping up the pizza box) is out of this world. I just love it!

Feeling guilty about your kids watching too much TV? Just mute it and turn on the closed captions. BOOM! Now they are reading.

I got this suggestion from my daughter, Roberta, via Facebook. Not that I have any young kids to worry about, or that anybody is worried about me watching too much TV. I’m a radio guy anyway. All my favorite stations are geographic. When I’m in their area, they are my favorite.

My all-time, all-time favorite though is still WCCO. However, my favorite personalities on WCCO are getting fewer and fewer. Shannon Speer Knoepke is the boss at WCCO, but I’m sure all of you knew that. Shannon would have graduated from Preston-Fountain back in 1988 I believe. She was working in the office at the school back in the summer of 1988 when I came to town.

I don’t want to get down on the Gophers, because I’m a Gopher-wannabe. If I ever go back to school for one more degree (doctorate), it would be at the University of Minnesota. I just love the Gophers, but Maryland and football? Really! However, I’m not really surprised. For many, many years I’ve said, “If the Gophers go 8-3, 8-4 during the football season,” that would be a good season and I would be more than content. It just gets a little frustrating being a Gopher fan. You don’t want to get your hopes too high, for fear of a let-down. It’s kind of like being a Viking fan, too.

September is coming to an end, and with the end of fall (although we know it just started on Sept. 22), it also means that playoffs are right around the corner. The football season is more than half over and only about three weeks of the regular volleyball season is left.

Football playoffs begin on Tuesday, Oct. 23, volleyball tournaments begin about the same time and the Section cross country meet is on Thursday, Oct. 25. I would imagine that the soccer playoffs will be starting in a couple of weeks too.


At the top in the Three Rivers Conference are Wabasha-Kellogg and Fillmore Central, both at 5-0, and Caledonia and St. Charles, both 4-1. I think on any given night, any of the top six teams are capable of beating the others.

Chatfield only has four victories so far this season and three of them have been in the Three Rivers Conference. Caledonia still has to play Lewiston-Altura, Wabasha-Kellogg and Rushford-Peterson. Fillmore Central still has matches with W-K, R-P and St. Charles. The Saints have matches with L-A, W-K, R-P and FC remaining and W-K still have to play FC, St. Charles and Caledonia. And that is only considering the top four teams and who they have to play. Who’s to say one of the lesser productive teams can’t bump off one of the leaders?

In the Southeast Conference, Mabel-Canton is at Spring Grove this coming Tuesday (Oct. 2). Grand Meadow and Spring Grove played this past Thursday night. I’m not sure which cross-over games count in the conference standings, but do know that all matches played within the confines of the sub-section do have a bearing on the seeding.

As far as the state rankings go, Mabel-Canton has moved up to fifth place after a good showing at the Class A Showcase Classic last weekend. According to coach Lonnie Morken, “that was the best record for Mabel-Canton, 4-1, at the Classic.” Minneota has moved into the top spot in the Class A poll. Mayer Lutheran is number two and Waterville-Elysian-Morristown dropped from first to third. Caledonia dropped one spot to number ten. There are going to be some great matches coming up in the East sub-section tournament.

In Class AA, Stewartville and Kasson-Mantorville are number one and number two in the state rankings. Nobody else in Section 1AA is ranked, or received any votes. Both Stewartville and K-M are in the same sub-section. I’m not a big fan of Section tournaments. I still like the sub-section format, but I would like to see a cross-over when each sub-section gets down to two teams. That would mean the number-one team in the East would play the number-two team from the West and the number-one from the West would play the number-two from the East. That way, if the top two teams are in the same sub-section, they would meet in the finals of the section and not in the finals of their sub-section. And just to give you a clue as to where the Tigers and KoMets are ranked, in QRF (Minnesota-Scores.com) Stewartville is number one and K-M is number three. Top two teams in the 1AAEast are Lake City, at number 42, and Cotter at 75. Cross-over? Definitely!


Spring Grove is still the number-one team in the state nine-man polls. Houston is at number five. They will play, and that game is coming up on Oct. 5. Stephen-Argyle (No. 2) and Goodridge-Grygla-Gatzke (No. 7) played this past weekend, and Verndale (No. 3) and Wheaton/Herman-Norcross (No. 9) play the last game of the regular season.

Goodhue (No. 4), Blooming Prairie (No. 5) and Rushford-Peterson (No. 6) are all ranked this week. Goodhue and BP played this past Friday, Goodhue and R-P play on Oct. 5, and Blooming Prairie and Rushford-Peterson match-up on the Wednesday of MEA (Oct. 17). Fillmore Central hosts United South Central (Wells, No. 8) on Friday, Oct. 5.

Do you like watching the top teams in the state? Man, you have a feast right in your own back yard. I’ve already seen Mahnomen/Waubun (No. 2) twice, Ottertal Central (No. 6) and Ada-Borup/Norman County West (No. 11).

Caledonia is still on top in AA. Chatfield is at number seven and St. Charles is at number nine. Caledonia and Chatfield played this past Friday and the Warriors and Saints clash on Wednesday, Oct. 17.

In the football world, does the name Reinhardt strike a familiar note? Well it should, if it doesn’t! Jim Reinhardt was the head coach at Rushford-Peterson for years, and now he’s an assistant, for his son, Matt, at St. Charles. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” does it? Enough said. St. Charles and Chatfield play during week seven, Oct. 12.

That’s it for me. I think I’ve already over-extended this week’s limit. Thanks to Kadin and Ross for writing in. The correct answer was Detroit Lakes. Hey to the Great 8, my wife, Carol, and the Fab Four. Hasta luego everyone. Have a great week, one day at a time.

Get out and watch your favorite high school activity. Later, WEB.