Horror awaits at ‘Nightmare’ in Fountain

SUBMITTED PHOTO The haunted barn at Fountain’s Nightmare on First Street has a spooky ambiance.

SUBMITTED PHOTO Death can be a drag as shown in this scene at Fountain’s Nightmare on First Street: Field of Screams & Haunted Barn.

Spooky experience benefits Good Earth Village this year


The time is nearly ripe for the re-emergence of Fountain’s Nightmare on First Street: Field of Screams & Haunted Barn as this scary and spooky non-profit fundraiser is set to chill and thrill patrons for its ninth year.

Funds raised this year will benefit Good Earth Village, a non-profit leadership center, summer camp, and retreat facility nestled in the bluffs near Spring Valley, whose volunteers will be among those helping to run Nightmare.

Each year Nightmare is different from the past. Routes are changed, walls are moved, and details abound. This year the Field of Screams has grown even more, and the second building continues to be expanded. Hundreds of hours every year go into the metamorphosis of this scary delight. Attendees can expect creepy scenes, hand-carved pumpkins, labyrinthine routes, screams and moans, surprises and scares, live actors, and maybe even an apparition of death.

The theme this year is Haunted Holidays. You may discover rabid groundhogs, blood-dripping hearts, evil leprechauns, vicious man-eating rabbits, zombie Uncle Sam, witchy pilgrims, Christmas ghosts, and more.

Expanding to eight nights this year, Nightmare is created and hosted by the Little family of Fountain, spearheaded by Paul and Regan Little. Numerous others help with the presentation of the event. Depending on how quickly you negotiate your way and manage to escape, expect Nightmare to consume 20 to 30 minutes or more or your life for a scary entertainment experience.

Nightmare’s gory glory runs Oct. 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27 and 31 plus Nov. 1 from 7 to 10 p.m. each night. Nightmare on First Street: Field of Screams & Haunted Barn lurks around and behind 609 First Street, The Dead End, in Fountain. Minimum donation requested is $8 per person. Find out more at nightmareonfirststreet.com.