Harmony Enterprises donates SpartPack Compactor to community visitor center

A mural is located behind the new SmartPack Automatic Compactor at the Harmony Visitor Center, explaining Harmony Enterprises ideals and impact on the community. Looking at the mural, from left, are Mayor Steve Donney, Ramon Hernandez and Steve and Umbelina Cremer. MELISSA VANDER PLAS/NEWS LEADER

Representatives from Harmony Enterprises and the city of Harmony were on hand at the ribbon cutting and unveiling of the new SmartPack Automatic Compactor located in the Harmony Visitors Center. From left are Umbelina Cremer, Steve Cremer and Ramon Hernandez from Harmony Enterprises, Chamber of Commerce Director Becky Hoff and Mayor Steve Donney. MELISSA VANDER PLAS/NEWS LEADER

Over 10,000 tourists visit Harmony each year to visit bike trails and Niagara Cave and to take in Amish Tours, the Fourth of July Celebration, and to enjoy the many restaurants and shops in downtown. With this traffic, the Harmony Visitors Center is the hub of activity, providing guests with information about activities, history and exciting things to do in the area.

When Harmony Enterprises reached out to its fellow businesses and organizations earlier this year, it was expressed that there is a need to showcase Harmony’s products in and around the community.

Harmony Enterprises donated a wall mural and SmartPack Automatic Compactor to the visitors center. The mural and compactor were unveiled during a special ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday, Oct. 20. President Steve Cremer, Vice President of Operations Ramon Hernandez and New Business Development Manager Lane Powell represented Harmony Enterprises, while Mayor Steve Donney and Chamber Director Becky Hoff represented the city of Harmony. The unveiling of the donation coincided with Harmony’s fall festival, entitled, “Haunted Harmony.”

The wall mural was created with input from Harmony Enterprises’ Leadership Team, focusing on the company’s core purpose of career, community and culture. Harmony Enterprises provides meaningful employment to nearly 80 people in the region, utilizes local vendors to help create their innovative products, and is deeply committed to giving back to the community,

The vinyl mural represents these ideas and was manufactured and installed by local vendor, Kelly Printing and Signs. The graphics were heat-treated into the cinder block wall of the visitors center. The design leaves room for the compactor, while providing a colorful backdrop for patrons to view.

The SmartPack Automatic Compactor is one of the most recognized waste solutions in Harmony’s extensive product line of balers, compactors and beverage extraction equipment.

SmartPacks are utilized in airports, restaurants, shopping malls, sporting venues, universities, casinos, and museums worldwide.

With the addition of Harmony’s Insite Wireless Monitoring, the compactor can be emptied on a “just in time” basis, saving city employees the need to check on the trash until action is required. They receive a text or email message telling them when the unit is partially full, full or needs the door closed. It tracks compaction cycles, motor run time, signal strength and other data to create useful reports on how to best optimize preventive maintenance and scheduling.

Not having to constantly check on trash levels at the busy visitor center gives city employees more time for important jobs around town.

Chamber of Commerce Director Becky Hoff stated, “So when guests to the visitor center ask about local industry in Harmony, of course we always tell them about Harmony Enterprises! This new mural and compactor are compelling visual pieces that tell the story of Harmony Enterprises, and help people learn more about what goes on in our community. We’re also excited about the practical time and space saving aspects of the new compactor.”

If one would like to learn more about Harmony Enterprises or its innovative products and services, please call 507-886-6666.