Groups staging real, live Clue game in Wykoff

Debi Neville
Gretchen Mensink Lovejoy

Don’t have a Clue how to act onstage?

This production’s for you.

Brave Community Theatre (BCT) and Kingsland Community Education are collaborating on a murder-mystery dinner Saturday, Oct. 12, for a live, interactive, theatrical event based on the Clue game at the Wykoff Community Hall.

“We are happy and excited to collaborate with Kingsland Community Education.  Director Becky Bicknese approached BCT with the idea, and we thought it was a wonderful opportunity,” Brave Community Theatre board president Debi Neville said.  “BCT will provide some of the characters, props, some costuming and decorating.” 

The production includes a dinner catered by Suzanne Gardner of Some Like It Hot.

“These are such fun events.  BCT hosted a couple years and years ago, and they were very successful,” Neville said. “Now it’s available to people again, like a live Clue game.  No lines to memorize – each person is assigned a character and clues are revealed throughout the evening.  There’s lighthearted comedy along with mystery-solving intrigue, perfectly combined with a delicious dinner and the chance to support two wonderful organizations.”

Bicknese, who is in her eighth year as the Kingsland Community Education director, hasn’t done anything like this before.  However, she said she is always looking for new things to bring to community education. 

“Last year, I had some family and friends come over to my house for my birthday and surprised them with playing this murder-mystery game.  I had always intended on doing the game for community education, but I wanted to see how it worked.  Everyone had such a fun time playing – even the ones that looked at me like, ‘You’re going to make me do what?’ – that I knew we had to put it on,” she said. “I also recognized that once some people really got into playing their role, others started having fun and got more into their roles.  This is why I contacted Brave Community Theatre to help out.  We are planting a few actors from BCT in the game to keep things going and bring lots of life to the game.” 

She added that this is more of a game than a play, so everyone gets parts. The purchased script has three rounds to the game – the appetizer and first round, dinner hour and second round, and dessert and round three, with the big reveal of who committed the murder.   Each player gets clue cards to read that include things they should tell other players to help solve the mystery of who did the murder and clues they are to keep to themselves to solve the mystery. 

“When I ran this game at my house, people that would have never signed up for something like this found out they really enjoyed it,” Bicknese said. “If someone said to me, ‘I am not an actor,’ I would tell them that’s fine.  Participants just need to be able to read and deliver their clues to other participants, and we do have two high schoolers participating in the game.  All you need to have a great time with this game is to want to have fun.” 

Bicknese related that there’s plenty of room left for interested persons to join the adventure.  The Wykoff Community Center was rented to provide space to have two games of the same script going at once, but at this time, only enough people are registered to play one game.

There are gender-specific roles, Bicknese noted, and the event is shorter on males than females, although there is room for more males or females willing to play male roles.  Suggested attire is given to participants with their role.  If participants are unable to come up with something, they should let Bicknese know by Thursday, Oct. 10, so Brave Community Theatre can get something put together for them.

The community education director cited that the evening will be an exciting new experience, and she is looking for new ideas to engage all people in the communities to participate in community education. 

“What will come next, I have no idea,” she said. “But if people tell me they really enjoyed this, we may get another script and try it again.  If people tell me they want to try something different, we might do that. But the reward is having fun – escape reality for one night, play a different person, and try to solve the mystery.”

Kingsland Community Education and BCT will offer the live-action version of a murder-mystery game this Saturday, Oct. 12, from 6 to 9:30 p.m. at the Wykoff Community Hall on North Gold Street in Wykoff.  To register for the event, call Bicknese at 507-346-7276, or e-mail for more information at