Great idea for elected officials

The caricature that appeared in the Jan. 16 Tribune exemplifies what I’ve said for many years, this country is becoming dumber by degrees, college degrees. This caricature also explains why we need good leaders. Complete freedom is great, wonderful! However, there are many who are unable to discern where their freedom ends and yours begins.

I think the last caption should read, “And all for Trumps wanting to spend your Social Security money on you and not give it to the illegal immigrants.”  The legal immigration system worked great for many years; why abandon it now?

Because of politicians, the U.S. has no Coast Guard. I am waiting for one of our bright elected officials to point out to the public that our coast line is unguarded and susceptible to attack and then blame President Trump.  If we can leave our coast unguarded, why can’t we leave our Mexican border unguarded?  Our Canadian border is unguarded, well, almost.  I have never had a problem going into or leaving Canada.  I have entered and left Mexico, in the past, 1985 to 2005, with no problems.  That was all before Obummer was having an adulterous affair with the citizens of the U.S.   

Citizens of this great country, wake up and stop believing everything you are told to believe.  I hate to break the bad news to you and tell you that there are those out there who are willing to lie, not tell the whole truth, to you in exchange for filthy lucre

I have a great idea that needs to be told to our elected officials.  Build a wall along the coastline, tear down the Mexican wall, get rid of the Coast Guard and the Border Patrol.  The U.S. could save money and let everything come into the U.S. through Mexico, as it does now, only legally. 

Dale Schunke

Tucson, Arizona