Fountain artist named 2019 Bluff Country Studio Art Tour Emerging Artist

SUBMITTED PHOTO Emerging Artist Kelly Pruent of Fountain will be showcasing and selling her artwork at her home during the Bluff Country Studio Art Tour in April.

SUBMITTED PHOTO Patterned Petunias is an example of mixed media art created by Kelly Pruent of Fountain. Similar pieces inspired by the beauty around the artist will be available for sale during the art tour.

The Bluff Country Studio Art Tour recently named Kelly Pruent as its 2018 Emerging Artist of the Year. Pruent is a mixed media artist from Fountain.

“Kelly utilizes a wealth of different types of material and media to create her beautiful works, giving them depth that can’t always be contained by a frame,” said Sue Pariseau, the tour’s coordinator. “We’re very pleased to have her join the tour.”

Pruent said she is not only honored to have been chosen as the emerging artist, but is also proud to be part of a group of artists in the Bluff Country Studio Art Tour who have such a wide range of highly-skilled talents.

“I'm a firm believer that a person should create things and surround themselves with people and things that bring them joy,” she added. “That is why I create artwork that is inspired by the natural beauty around me, my own gardens, and the people who I love most. The variety and intensity of colors that I choose to work with is also a reflection of that same ideal. I hope to continue to grow as an artist, from this experience, and to share my artistic joy with the greater Southeastern Minnesota area."

With numerous participating artists having decades of experience creating, displaying and selling their art, the artist group wanted to provide a way to encourage and promote new artists in the area to present their work to a larger audience.

Pariseau explained, “We created this emerging artist program as a way for our experienced artists to mentor artists with limited professional experience, and help them learn the ropes of showing their work in a studio tour setting.”

The annual Bluff Country Studio Art Tour will take place April 26-28, open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  During the tour, Pruent will be displaying her work at her Fountain home. 

Visit for more details or call 651-307-6373.