EDA agenda light at recent meeting

By : 
Chad Smith
Tri-County Record

The Rushford Economic Development Authority (EDA) had a light night at its regular meeting on Wednesday, March 20. After being postponed for a week because of playoff basketball, the board had one main agenda item to discuss. Rushford City Administrator Tony Chladek said members talked about the Litscher Meats Building in Rushford because it has recently come up for sale.

Litscher Meats For Sale

“Terry (Litscher) is looking to sell his property,” Chladek said. “He’s homing in on a prospective buyer who’s already made a certain offer. The question everyone is trying to figure out is will the offer cover everything owed to the bank, as well as cover an outstanding balance with the EDA. We’re a little concerned with the fact that it doesn’t look like it will do that.”

The board is trying to figure out what role the bank is going to play in trying to work with the EDA to help the deal happen and get the new owners in place. Chladek recently went to the bank to talk through the situation. The EDA had a special meeting on Wednesday, March 27, to figure out where to go from here.

“It’s not a bad building at all,” Chladek said. “It’s one of the older buildings in town and he operates out of there primarily in the fall when people are deer hunting. He’s getting ready to hang it up and looking to see what the bank and the EDA can do to help the process out.”

School Looking for RFPs

The EDA and the City of Rushford are both still interested in what happens to the old high school building and the property. Chladek said the decision on what to do with the property could be coming yet this year.

“The school’s decided to look for more proposals on what to do with the old building and the property,” Chladek said. “I let the EDA members know that the school is going through the process again, which they expect to have wrapped up by June 17.

“Our proposal is already factored in the process,” he added. “It sounds like one prospective buyer is ‘twisting the arm’ of the board to give them a chance at the property. I talked with (Superintendent) Chuck Ehler on Friday and he said our proposal is already included in the process.”

EDA Openings

For anyone looking to contribute to the community, Chladek pointed out there are openings on city council standing committees that offer a great way to serve. The EDA itself is looking for two board members, and there are  openings on the airport board as well. That’s just a couple ways that someone could get involved with the community.

“That’s just a couple of places we could use some good people in,” Chladek said. “Rushford isn’t unlike any other city. People are busy and things are moving along fairly nicely. That means folks might not be feeling a sense of urgency to fill these kinds of spots. However, we sure could use the help.”


The next regular meeting for the Rushford EDA is on Wednesday, April 10, starting at 5:30 at Rushford City Hall.