Chatfield boys record strong stats in basketball

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Bill Bentson
Chatfield News

The 2018-19 season is over for the Chatfield boys as they lost their section basketball playoff game to La Crescent.  The team finished with an overall record of 11-14, 6-9 in Three Rivers Conference play and 1-4 against the teams in the TRC-East division.

Chatfield had six seniors on the final roster: Seth Allen, Tryston Morlang, Ben Brogan, Jack Tuohy, Kobe Schott and Josef Fahrenholtz.  There were also four juniors (Chance Backer, Landon Bance, George Conway and Sam Stevens), six sophomores (Reid Johnson, Masyn Remme, Henry Gathje, David Castleberg, Ben Fretland and Austin Koenigs) and one eighth grader (Cole Johnson).

Final team stats

Offense, 65.28 points per game.  Defense, gave up 66.20 ppg.  Rebounds, 30.84/game. Steals, 8.96/game. Assists, 13.92/game.  Field goal shooting, 46.29 percent (611/1320); three-point shooting, 37.00 percent (158/427); and free throw shooting, 62.84 percent (252/401).  Those are some pretty good offensive stats for a team that finished below .500 (11-14).

Most points scored in a single game, 89, vs. Cochrane-Fountain City, Dec. 29.  Most points given up, 97, vs. Caledonia, Jan. 3.  Best field goal shooting game, 56.9 percent (29/51), vs. Lanesboro, Dec. 28.  Poorest shooting game, 33.9 percent (20/59), vs. La Crescent-Hokah, Dec. 21.  Best three-point shooting game, 60.0 percent (9/15), vs. Lanesboro, Dec. 28.  Poorest three-point game, 11.1 perccent (1/9), vs. PEM, Jan. 31.  Best free throw game, 83.3 percent (15/18), vs. Blooming Prairie, Jan. 4.  Worst free throw shooting game, 40.0 percent (4/10), vs. Pine Island, Feb. 11.  Most rebounds in a single game, 42, vs. Kingsland, Feb. 4.  Most assists in a game, 21, vs. Wabasha-Kellogg, Feb. 21.  Most steals in a game, 15, vs. Southland, Feb. 8.

Individual stats leaders

Scoring, per game: Reid Johnson, 16.64; Josef Fahrenholtz, 14.40; Landon Bance, 11.64; David Castleberg, 8.28. 

Rebounding (per game): Fahrenholtz, 8.76; Castleberg, 4.96; Johnson, 4.60.  Steals (total): Johnson, 59; Ben Brogan, 37; Bance, 30; Fahrenholtz, 25. 

Assists (total): Johnson, 77; Seth Allen, 58; Brogan, 51; Fahrenholtz, 43; Bance, 39; Castleberg, 25. 

Field goal shooting: Castleberg, 56.03 percent (79/141); Chance Backer, 55.77 percent (29/52); Fahrenholtz, 54.83 percent (142/259); Johnson, 48.62 percent (158/325); Jack Tuohy, 43.18 percent (19/44); Brogan, 42.17 percent (35/83); Bance, 40.25 percent (97/241).

Three-point shooting (total): Bance, 86; Johnson, 29; Fahrenholtz, 16; Allen, 12.  Bance hit 42.79 percent of his long-range shots, 86/201.

Free throw shooting leaders: Johnson, 72.45 percent (71/98); Fahrenholtz, 70.59 percent (60/85); Castleberg, 62.82 percent (49/78).  Bance connected on 84.62 percent of his charity tosses, but only attempted 13 (11/13).  Henry Gathje shot 75.0 percent (3/4) and Cole Johnson was three for five (60.0%) at the line.

There were also a few individual “mosts” from the past season.  Most points in a single game, Reid Johnson, 28, vs. Cochrane-Fountain City.  Most field goals in a game, 11, recorded by Johnson (vs. CFC) and Josef Fahrenholtz (vs. Kingsland).  Most shots in a game, Johnson, 21, vs. Stewartville.  Most three-pointers in a game, Landon Bance, eight, vs. St. Charles.  He also had the most attempts in a game, 13, vs. Kingsland.  Most free throws made and attempted came in the same game, Johnson, 11 of 12, vs. Dover-Eyota (Dec. 14).  Most rebounds, 19, by Fahrenholtz, vs. Kingsland.  Most assists in a game, eight, by Seth Allen, vs. Wabasha-Kellogg (Feb. 21).  Most steals in a game was seven, by Johnson, vs. Lanesboro.  And, the most double-doubles went to Fahrenholtz, with seven. 

Some nice stats on several of the younger players coming back next season.