Blessing the next generation

Open Forum

Dear editor,

As we baby boomers move from being productive middle agers to being young seniors, our life tasks change, our new life tasks are to care for our elders and bless the next generation. I have met two young men who I am impressed with: Thomas Trehus and Dan Feehan.

I want Thomas to represent us as representative in the Minnesota Legislature. Currently he serves on the Spring Grove School Board and has learned about school finance and the new opportunities/problems schools face. He is positive and respectful, and kids like him when he is the substitute teacher. As another self-employed person, he understands how expensive health insurance is in southeastern Minnesota. Let’s give him a chance to bring new ideas to St. Paul.

I do not know Dan Feehan as well, but I am also impressed with him. He chose to serve our country in Afghanistan. He worked for the Veterans Administration, and taught in middle school. He lives and works in Mankato. He understands how expensive health insurance can be, especially for those of us over 50, and how much worse it could get if his opponent has his way, according to AARP. I trust him, and applaud him for not taking any PAC money to create negative ads against his opponent. I believe it is time for many senators and congressmen to retire. Let’s give earnest young people like Dan the chance to listen, time to learn the ropes and create new strategies for our country.

Karen R. Grandall

retired pastor

Spring Valley