Award-winning speller

Josie Koenigs, an eighth grade student from Chatfield was the second runner‐up in the final spelling bee held at the Southeast Service Cooperative in Rochester on Wednesday, Feb. 27. She finished in third place, out of 12 students. She received a trophy, Valerie’s Spelling Bee Supplement Booklet and a $50 Barnes & Noble Gift Card. She went out on round 26 after correctly spelling words like farthing, ravel, humble, prairie, admiral, Pueblo, influenza, chintz, galden, ambivalent, Bolshevik, issei, Hollandaise, gnathonic, Fahrenheit, mukhtar, hemerocalis, vivace, realschulce, foggara, syndrome, and tangible. The winner of the spelling bee was Neha Thawani Nanda, an eighth grade student from Austin Pacelli.