Britney Fretland, 12, and Sarah Baum, 11, were among more than 375,000

entries submitted worldwide in the 25th annual Lions International Peace

Poster Contest. Lions Clubs International is sponsoring the contest to

emphasize the importance of world peace to young people everywhere.

Fretland's and Baum's artwork was chosen to represent the Chatfield

Lions Club. The Club felt that their posters communicated well the theme of

the contest this year: Imagine Peace.

Fretland wrote about her imagining: "My poster shows someone or

something is thinking of peace. They are imagining a peace sign with a bunch

of different countries' flags. The doves are holding up the peace sign

because doves are a big art of peace. With the light bulb inside the peace

sign, their mind just popped or lightened up to a great idea. This poster

shows that everyone can get a long and imagine peace."

Baum said that her poster represents imagining peace as people getting

along throughout the world.

The posters from the local Lions Club will advance to face stiff

competition through the district and international rounds of competition.

The Chatfield Lions Club chose posters from Jada Escalera, sixth grade,

and Carter Fishbaugher, seventh grade, as the second place winners. Escalera

and Fishbaugher will receive $20 each for their entries; Baum and Fretland

will receive $30 from the Chatfield Lions Club.

Chatfield Lions Club appreciates the dedication of Kelly Puent at the

middle school and Kathy Hanson at the elementary school who encouraged their

students to imagine peace and participation in the local competition. We

hope all our students continue to imagine peace and grow to be leaders who

pursue peace in our world.