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Wednesday, April 26, 2017 12:21 PM
You are of considerable age when you remember these buildings on North Broadway Avenue shown in the accompanying photos.  This is 1955 when the city of Spring Valley was celebrating its 100th anniversary.  There was a BIG parade on Monday, July 4, with umpteen entries.
  • Centennial event highlights SV businesses
    You are of considerable age when you remember these buildings on North Broadway Avenue shown in the accompanying photos.  This is 1955 when the city of Spring Valley was celebrating its 100th anniversary.  There was a BIG parade on Monday, July 4, with umpteen entries.
  • Spring signified by weather, wearing shorts, and mud
    I always feel spring is signified by a few key things.
  • Just showing up is powerful
    The pages of our newspapers often feature community leaders, star athletes, outstanding students, political figures and accomplished business people. However, they also often feature people who just show up to help.
  • No vigilante here, but we remain vigilant about proper use of words
    Although I would never advocate defacing public property, it’s hard to get angry with the “grammar vigilante” in England who ventures out at night to correct infractions against the English language spotted in public signs. Although he holds grudges against all forms of incorrect punctuation, he spends most of his time addressing wayward apostrophes using a tool he built himself, according to the BBC, which did a story on him while protecting his anonymity.
  • Notable SV graduate’s will benefits local groups
    During the centennial celebration in 1955, there appeared in the Tribune a tribute to one of Spring Valley’s noted graduates, Jessie Whitman.  Miss Whitman had accumulated an estate of over $100,000, which at that time was a considerable sum.  The terms of her will left many gifts to local organizations, specifically to the Memorial Methodist Church, the library and cemetery association.  The library and cemetery association acknowledged these were the first gifts of money they had received, and the unknown writer made this comment: “Let us hope these fine gestures may be a suggestion to others who wish to establish a permanent memorial to ones who have gone.”
  • Big families, free noisemakers not a good combination
    The Clan is a fairly musical family. I say this, not to brag, but because, whether we possess any musical talent or not, my family still likes music.
  • Seemingly simple solution  requires extensive research
    Can something so simple as a sponge — well, not exactly a simple sponge, but a sponge nonetheless — undo the damage from President Donald Trump’s rollback of regulations on the coal industry?
  • Ice skating rink busy winter before city pool opens
    This column in 2007 reported that the 1957 Spring Valley Tribune carried a special announcement:  “The skating rink was flooded, it boasted a fine layer of ice, and awaited eager skaters.”  During winter holidays, the rink was open all day until 4 p.m., “supper time,” then again from 7 to 10 p.m.  On school days it was open 4 to 6 p.m., 7 to 10 p.m., all day Saturday, and Sunday afternoons and evenings.  Church groups often scheduled skating parties, and lights were strung around the rink for evening illumination. 
  • Melting chicken manure gives spring a bad name
    April showers bring May flowers. 
  • Comprehensive plan from 1959 charted future
    A comprehensive plan was formulated for the Village of Spring Valley in 1959.  Serving on the Planning Commission were prominent businessmen Lester Gaugert (banker), Reuben Wordelman (insurance), William Gritzner (lumber man), Leo Kruegel (gas company), Joel Jacobs (Sears store), and George Kaess (electrician).  The plan was compiled by a planning consultant from Sioux City, Iowa.
  • Last week I shared with you some of the Clan’s sayings. But it takes more than basic knowledge of Clan-isms to blend in with this crowd. If you really want to talk the talk, you’re going to need to know the vocabulary and how to use it. With that in mind, let’s start off with something nice and simple, like footles.
  • Several years ago, I discovered I had a distant connection to someone I know in Rochester: I served him beer when he was under the legal age. It may not be exactly true, but it is plausible and it makes a funny story.
  • ‘Old-timer’ looks back at yesterday — 1987
    Thirty years ago — 1987 — seems almost like yesterday to us old-timers.  In January the Spring Valley Recreation Center opened in the former Wolves Den, formerly Duffy’s, owned by Phil Erickson and Laura Groth.  The DNR worked on making Mystery Cave part of Forestville State Park; much discussion ensued and we enjoy the merger today.  The 28th annual meeting of the Community Memorial Hospital and Nursing Home was coming up.
  • Clan-isms are words to live by
    Over the years, my family has said some pretty wild things. I’m not ashamed to admit that many of the words that have come out of our mouths are just plain ridiculous and really don’t make sense outside our little sphere of craziness. But there are other things we’ve said that I like to think of as genuine words of wisdom, the kind you should have hanging on your wall in conspicuous places so you’ll always remember them.
  • Cutting state regulations OK,  but not at expense of local control
    In many ways the rural-metro divide seems to be growing in Minnesota. One of the more prominent issues is funding for light rail vs. rural highways, which has created divisions within the state, not just across party lines.
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