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Tuesday, April 26, 2016 11:26 AM
As King Arthur once said (paraphrased and generally screwed up), “to be or not to be a Good Samaritan is the question?” 

  • As King Arthur once said (paraphrased and generally screwed up), “to be or not to be a Good Samaritan is the question?” 

  • The triage, treatment and transport emergency medical service practitioners provide can often be the difference between life and death for patients with a medical emergency. The unique nature of emergency medical services is unlike other health care services governed by the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). 

  • Deciding what to do about the configuration of facilities at Kingsland has been a long and painful process. While general agreement exists regarding the obvious benefit gained by keeping age groups separated, ongoing maintenance costs and the logistics of providing qualified teachers in an efficient manner create some difficult challenges.

  • With the recent allegations against the former director of Southeastern Minnesota Historic Bluff Country coming into the public eye when charges were filed recently, many people are wondering about the future of the organization. The Historic Bluff Country board of directors would like to assure people that we remain committed to ensuring the organization remains viable.

  •   The United Nations has 10,000 Syrian refugees in the pipeline for the United States — and virtually none can be successfully screened for terrorist ties or anything else — and now Sens. Klobuchar and Franken are pressuring Obama to bring in 65,000 by the end of his term. 
  • Three comments regarding the Tribune dated Dec. 30. 

  • This is in reference to the letter to the editor, “Healthy community doesn’t include flying Confederate flag,” in Lewiston, which appeared about two to four weeks ago.  If you had said, “…doesn’t require flying…” I would agree with you 100 percent.  Is Andrew Jackson running for mayor?  Why do you complainers have to publicly criticize everything that you don’t agree with or everything you dislike?  

  • My name is Ashley Kappers and I am a 2012 graduate of Kingsland High School. I am currently a senior at Luther College in Decorah, pursuing a degree in communication studies and religion. Since leaving for college, I try to stay as up to date with Spring Valley and Kingsland news as I possibly can. 

  •   The Spring Valley Area Food Shelf has been a recipient of funds from the Spring Valley United Fund.  
  • The 2015 Spring Valley United Fund drive is now at $4,273, or 42.7 percent of its goal of $10,000.  A town the size of Spring Valley should be able to reach this goal if every household and business made a modest contribution. 

  • Last week a man in Colorado Springs, Colorado, entered an abortion clinic and began killing people.  We are appropriately saddened.  If handled correctly, we may also be angered; perhaps even outraged.  No one I know would justify what this man did.  We may, however, feel some sympathy for him, and pray for him as well as for the families of his victims.

  • A petition has been started for a new administration at Kingsland — principal and superintendent. Those of you wishing to sign and comment, but can’t get to the petition may write a letter for your names to be added and concerns voiced. 

  • Fillmore Community Advocates was a recipient of funds from the 2014 Spring Valley United Fund campaign. Fillmore Community Advocates is a rural outreach of Women's Shelter, Inc., of Rochester, that provides advocacy services to victims and survivors of domestic abuse and child abuse, stalking, harassment and bullying in Fillmore County. The grant awarded by the United Fund helps support resource and referrals, 24-hour advocate contact, guidance through court hearings and trials, information about harassment restraining order (HRO) and orders for protection (OFP) applications, community education and safety planning. 

  • In his Oct. 28 column, editor Dave Phillips provides some interesting insights into the work that goes into editing our local newspaper. His column also serves as a reminder that as citizens of this community we all need to engage in a little bit of self-editing.  Not everything that can be said in public should be said in public.  Self-government means governing yourself, including your tongue.  

  • What was the name of the young editor (or publisher) of the Spring Valley Tribune in the late ‘50s or early ‘60s? As a journalism student at the University of Minnesota, I spent one spring break as an intern at the paper. (I recall that the editor and his wife had just found out they were to be first-time parents.)  

Down to Three

The Republican Party has seen two candidates drop out of the race this week leaving only Donald Trump, while on the Democratic side Bernie Sanders has declared that he will stay in the race until the final primary. Do you think Sanders should concede to Hillary Clinton?


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