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Thursday, July 13, 2017 2:18 PM
  • The 28B representative, Greg Davids, continues to be a negative influence.  
  • In the 37th issue of the Tribune (Sept. 13), I read an article about gray water and the Amish farmers.  What a great country the USA is, land of the free and home of the brave!  Well, it’s free if you are able to follow all of the stupid laws that our dim-witted elected officials make. 
  • My family and I enjoyed another fun year at the Ag Days events this year. The parade was a highlight for the grandchildren. Along with an abundance of candy, they received stuffed animals, miscellaneous toys, and something very special and educational: a representation of an 11- to 12-week fetus.
  • Letter: Plastic fetus not appropriate for 3-year-old’s parade candy bag
    Please find attached a picture of an item that was PLACED into the candy bucket of a 3-year-old girl at some point at the beginning of the Ag Days parade.
  • Just read the article by Mary Jo Dathe concerning the merger of the Spring Valley Vikings and Huns Lutheran churches.  After a merger meeting, I remember the good Lutheran Germans walking around and muttering something about, “Why don’t those stubborn Norwegians want to do it the right way, the German way?”  And I heard the Lutheran Norwegians walking around and muttering, “Why don’t the stubborn Germans want to do it the right way, the Norwegian way?”  Our merger proved that the Huns and Vikings can get along.
  • I would personally like to thank supporters of Brave Community Theatre. Whether it was by acting, volunteering, being in the audience, financial or material donations, sponsorship, discounts or encouraging family or friends to be a part of theatre, it is because of YOU that we celebrate our 45th year!
  • In Minnesota, we understand the importance of a free press. It’s hard to forget in our state – Minnesotans are among the most engaged citizens in the country. Last year we again ranked first in the nation in voter turnout. Minnesotans volunteer at the second highest rate in the country. And we usually look to our local newspapers as the first stop for the information we need.
  • It was during my sophomore year (before the Christmas vacation) sitting in Mr. Reps’ geometry class in ‘54 and that he taught us how to bisect an angle with a straight edge and a compass. During my two weeks of Christmas vacation, I was figuring out a way to trisect an angle. I found it. Back in Mr. Reps’ class, in January, I announced that I had found a way to trisect an angle. One classmate went to the chalkboard and the rest of the class followed my instructions at their desks.
  • I would like to respond to the open forum letter and statements that Mike Holzer recently had in the Spring Valley Tribune in regards to the Wykoff City Council.  I do not believe that he gave a true picture of what is actually happening and yes I, too, was at that meeting.
  • Sixty years ago I figuratively propelled my mortar board up to the ceiling of the SVHS basketball court/theater stage. What a glorious feeling! Walking back to my chair on cloud 9, I said to myself, “No more school, no more books, no more of the teachers’ dirty looks.” I did continue on and attend more classes, in college, in Austin Area Vocational School (radio and TV repair), in the United States Air Force (ground photographic equipment repair) and classes at home, camera repair and solid state electronics. I did a lot more learning after SVHS than I did during those 12 wonderful years. I try to learn something new every day.
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