I have been struggling for weeks now, reading the skewed and misleading tripe being inserted as news in the Herald over the proposed Voter ID bill before Minnesota voters.

Lets just say that the articles are a nearly word-for-word recital of printed "talking points" from a left-wing operation called the Third Way.

The Herald, as usual, gives gallons of printer's ink to keep the left wing lies afloat - from Mark Ritchie's appearance in Houston County to local officials comments and stray partisan voices from Preston and beyond.

The first lie of this attempt to derail a reasonable bill is that it will disenfranchise an unknown but allegedly huge number of voters. Road apples!

Are you able to cash a check, rent a video, travel on a train or airline without ID? Of course not!

And the ease with which one can get registered to vote in Minnesota is so abysmally easy, it should be embarrassing.

For Mr. Phillips to publish this stream of steamy compost, repeatedly and without admitting the pure propaganda value directly at the Herald readers, makes one wonder how he could get so sweaty over a personnel matter in Spring Grove.

That sort of demagoguery just stinks!

Mark Ritchie is a George Soros "SOS" protégée to help Democrats win elections (http://ballotnews.org/2010/11/04/george-soros-and-sos-project-hit-hard-on-election-day).

Then we have the tired argument that voter fraud is rarely found and never prosecuted in Minnesota so there can't be a problem.

Check out this Project Veritas video that shows in a number of counties in Minnesota just how pathetically easy voter fraud can be accomplished (https://www.theprojectveritas.com/civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&id=125&custom_10=PVOFA01&custom_11=052H).

There must be only a very few reasons that Secretary of State Ritchie and all the other party flacks are attacking the VOTER ID bill. Among the reasons I can think of are:

• It's the party line, and even though it is a crock, it is "our" crock, so I have to run with it.

• If people find out how many dead people living at non-existent addresses are all voting "our way", we might have to win an election fairly.

• We don't want to trot Mark Ritchie out again after he helped "cook the books" on the Franken and Dayton's elections; someone may see a pattern!

• Since the word got out about how easy it is to doctor up electronic voting machines (the ones that certain politically radical union's members maintain), it would be good to still have some good old ballot box stuffing available to us if our party needs it. (www.theregister.co.uk/2011/09/28/diebold_electronic_vote_tampering)

George Soros and the radical "Third Way" think it is important enough to put out talking points so we can get around the silliness of our attack.

The Voter ID bill needs to be reviewed through a window free of distortions, haziness and with both eyes open.

I humbly ask the readers to think back to the drama and teeth-gnashing vilification by the left, and I wonder what the real reason has to be.

Larry Vongroven

La Crosse, Wis.