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The Kleiboers spend much of their family time in their newly remodeled kitchen, which includes custom cabinetry. From left are Dawson, Katelyn holding Honey, Heather and Mike.
BROCK BERGEY/BLUFF COUNTRY NEWSPAPER GROUP The Kleiboers spend much of their family time in their newly remodeled kitchen, which includes custom cabinetry. From left are Dawson, Katelyn holding Honey, Heather and Mike.
Wednesday, March 22, 2017 1:13 PM
As the saying goes: “Home is where the heart is.” 
  • New housing development in Harmony is taking shape
    While the number of homes in most small Midwestern towns is on the decline, or stagnant at best, a new housing development in Harmony is poised to make that picture much brighter for this Fillmore County community.
  • Historic building  in Canton gets a new lease on life
    Many abandoned buildings in area small rural communities are deemed useless, fall into disrepair and eventually succumb to the wrecking ball. A sturdy, old building that has sat empty for much of the past four decades in Canton is getting a new lease on life.
  • Renovation keeps farmhouse in the family
    As the saying goes: “Home is where the heart is.” 
  • Former storage area transformed into family room
    “Congratulations, you’re grandparents!”
  • Custom home ‘works’ for Spring Grove man
    When Ed Troendle of rural Spring Grove decided to replace an aging farmhouse with something new, a custom design seemed like the best option.

  • Chatfield man transforms home with new entry, three-season porch
    “The original front door was right here…you walked in and you got stuck right here. The whole project got started because we had no entryway,” stated Chatfield resident Jim Siebenaler.

  • All hands on deck
    Roger Knutson hasn’t always been a homebuilder. He hasn’t always had a penchant for home renovation projects. But, when Knutson moved to Rushford in 2006, he knew what he wanted in a house and he knew he could build it himself.

  • Art deco theme provides for kitchen facelift

    Sometimes a drastic splash of color can transform a drab kitchen into an eye-appealing place to cook up a storm.

  • Eyesore becomes darling of Spring Valley neighborhood
    Spring Valley’s North Section Avenue has been a flurry of activity for the past year as what was once the neighborhood’s ugly duckling has been transformed into a beautiful blue swan.

  • Houston County wildlife artist builds 'home occupation'
    "This will be one of the few galleries between Minneapolis and Chicago," Michael Sieve said. "They're few and far between,"

    Known throughout the United States for his award-winning wildlife paintings, Sieve lives in rural Houston County. For several years, he's been preparing a property near Daley Creek as a showplace for his work.

  • Water leak leads to unexpected renovation project for Chatfield couple
    "It was a little end off a flexible pipe from the water under the sink," said Chatfield resident Pat, as his wife recalled the afternoon of June 29, 2012. "We'd gone to Rochester...we left here at 10 that day to have lunch with friends who'd come from Tennessee for my birthday, and we got home about 2:30, and as soon as we came in the door, Pat said, 'You forgot to turn the faucet off.' I said, 'I didn't leave a faucet on', and then we went to the lower level and saw that the ceiling tiles were coming down."
  • Fire in downtown Spring Valley business 
makes couple speed up home renovations
    "We weren't actually looking for a house, but it just landed on our doorstep," said Jill, speaking of the house that she and Todd renovated in Spring Valley to make a home for themselves and their 6-year-old daughter, Cassie.
  • Harmony family utilizes 'A Brush with Kindness' program to revitalize exterior of home
    Just a couple coats of paint can make a huge difference for a home, family and community. The Howard and Angela Haugerud family, which lives in Harmony, recently experienced this realization when their church, Greenfield Lutheran, partnered with Habitat for Humanity in its A Brush with Kindness program. After four days, two coats of paint and over 10 volunteers working each day, their home on Second Avenue Southeast took on a look that brightened the street.
  • Taking the plunge!
    Jean Ann Tweeten held a heavy three-ring binder, packed with what looked like hundreds of pages. It held the plans for her newly completed home from blueprints to doorknobs. She nodded and glanced toward husband, Harlan, better known as Lonny. "It took more effort than I would have ever guessed," she said.
  • Constructing life lessons
    Nathan and Lisa Halverson purchased an 1883 farmhouse in the Mabel area in 2003 and have been transforming it over the last 10 years to create the house to call their home. They're doing all (or the vast majority) of the work by themselves, so it's slow going. But there are many life lessons that they have learned along the way.
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