During the glory days of Harmony High School, students earned many distinctions and awards in athletics, academics and the arts. Those achievements were represented throughout the hallways as trophies and plaques were stuffed inside display cases, shelves and throughout classrooms. However, since the establishment of Fillmore Central in 1993, those trophies have been removed and put into storage to make room for the newer tokens that represented a new generation of athletes, artists and intellectuals.

The Harmony Area Historical Society has taken over ownership of the trophies and has worked with the Harmony Cardinal Alumni Association to make sure they are taken out of their storage boxes and put in a place where they can shine once again.

In April of 2008, the Harmony City Council approved a request from the alumni association to remove a bay of lockers in the community center, once the Harmony Elementary School, and to construct a set of trophy cases. Those cases have been filled with a great representation of the many trophies, but more space is needed.

Dean Brunsvold, who built the first set of cases, has once again agreed to build the new ones that are being planned.

According to Ralph Beastrom, a member of the Harmony Area Historical Society, the trophies date back to the 1920s and continue through the early 1990s. The trophies and plaques signify accomplishments in band, choir, speech and drama to gymnastics, wrestling, golf, baseball, basketball and football.

"Most are in really good shape," he added. "We want to make sure they continue to be protected, but we also want them to be on display so people are able to see them and enjoy them. The building of these new cases is an important part in preserving the heritage of Harmony High School."

Since the alumni association was successful in getting the first set of trophy cases built, the historical society has agreed to complete this project and will be raising funds over the next few months to build and install another two cases.

Beastrom explained the projected cost for the project will exceed $8,000. The city of Harmony has agreed to provide matching funds up to $5,000 to make sure this project can be completed.

Several years ago, the historical society undertook a project to restore the class photo composites of each graduating class from Harmony. Those photos are now hanging throughout the halls of the community center. The trophies will be located in those same halls, complementing those photos and providing a wonderful tribute to Harmony High School.

The historical society is reaching out to the alumni of Harmony High School for support and encourages those same graduates to stop by the community center and take a look at the photos as well as the first trophy case that has already been completed and filled with the beautiful trophies.

Beastrom said many of the trophies are made of high quality material and once they are cleaned, repaired and shined, will make an attractive display. Many of the trophies are very similar, but the historical society will select the best ones to provide a good representation of the talents of the students who once walked the halls of Harmony High School.

If one would like to support this project, all donations may be sent to the Harmony Area Historical Society, PO Box 291, Harmony, MN 55939. Because the historical society is a 501(c)(3) organization, any donations may be tax deductible.

If one would like a representative to attend an upcoming class reunion or if one has any questions, contact Marilyn Trouten at (507) 886-3042. One may also email hahs@harmonytel.net.

Beastrom noted that any of the board of directors could be contacted for more information, as well as Richard Scrabeck and Marvin Wicks, two of the community volunteers helping with the project. The board members include Trouten, Marie Lou Zombory, Mark Bishop, Paula Michel, Muriel Gunderson, Carol Rhodes, Joyce Jacobson and Beastrom.