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Wednesday, September 21, 2016 8:56 AM
I’m a faithful follower of the Rochester Post Bulletin, being a regular subscriber of the paper for all of the time I’ve been in the southeast Minnesota area: 1967-1975 (Kasson-Mantorville), 1988-1996 (Preston/Fillmore Central) and most recently, 1999-the present (Fountain). As most of you would probably guess, the first section of the paper that I grab is the sports section. Not to say that I don’t read the rest of the sections, but the sports department gets my first look.

  • Mom assigns ‘crabby chores’ to keep discipline
    Here’s something I used to hear a lot: “What well-behaved kids you are!”
  • Valentine’s Day good time to  acknowledge all kinds of love
    Flowers, chocolates, poetry, hearts and jewelry . . . when you think of Valentine’s Day, what’s your weakness? 
  • Check out uses on Upper Mississippi NWFR
    In August of 2016, the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge (NWRF) released 23 revised draft Compatibility Determinations (CDs). They re-evaluated uses of the refuge that were determined to be compatible with the refuge mission.
  • A look back at 1968 from the pages of the Tribune
    Featured on the second half of the Oct. 10, 1968, issue of the Tribune was a picture of the “room mothers having tea time” at the elementary school. These ladies plan and arrange refreshments for three parties a year:  Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day and assist at immunization clinics, plus they are available for any special occasion. 
  • Social media frustrations growing
    Do you enjoy interacting with friends and loved ones through social media? I’ve found long-lost college and high school friends through Facebook and get to see images from the lives of others through Instagram. I don’t Tweet or Snapchat, but I don’t think I have enough time to keep up with more social media than I do already.
  • Winter continues, dance teams doing well
    Did Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow? I don’t think there is any question about that, at least here in Fountain. Yes, and therefore six more weeks of winter. 
  • A look at the local news from 1968
    It was 1968 — almost 49 years ago — and what made the front page of the Spring Valley Tribune?  Here’s a sample: Candidates for the state House, Representatives: Neil Haugerud, called for senior citizen tax relief, a sliding scale would be most meaningful; and Chet Kvale recommended to a group of farmers and small businessmen, the 3 percent sales tax, which was good for all, and the personal property tax had been eliminated.  Farm prices were the chief concern of Minnesota First District residents according to the polls taken recently by the Nixon-Agnew groups.
  • Iowa’s Effigy Mounds featured on new quarter
    Not only will we be discussing Effigy Mounds National Monument near Marquette, Iowa, this week – we’ll also be getting into the world of coin collecting. How on earth do those two worlds intersect, you might ask? A new quarter featuring Effigy Mounds National Monument is being released in February with events planned for both the monument visitors center and also in Waukon, Iowa. I’m so excited for this.
  • Funeral, cancer auction provide perspective to diagnosis
    On a recent Saturday, I attended Jim Ferguson’s funeral. Fergy lived in St. Cloud and was a former teammate of mine. He was one of the best shortstops I’ve ever played with. Later, I went to the Geneva Cancer Auction. I sat with good friend, former teammate and cancer survivor Rich Honstad of Freeborn. Rich is inspiring, to say the least. My wife and I came home from the auction with winning bids on Hope Butter, potatoes, onions, lefse and Mary Ebnet’s delectable caramels. I’ve gone to many funerals and cancer auctions, but these two were different. It was a combination of things.
  • Ladies Aid Society very active 130 years ago
    What was going on in Spring Valley 130 years ago? In 1887, yes, there was activity not only on Broadway but at the Methodist-Episcopal Church: “The Ladies Aid Society is planning a ‘fair’ on Dec. 14 in its church. The committee in charge intends to make this the most attractive fair ever held in Spring Valley.  Further particulars next week.”
  • Saying goodbye to a president is  emotional process
    I’m writing this column as I watch news coverage of Donald Trump’s inauguration day. I had planned to write my column on an entirely different subject this week, which would have transpired had I actually met my deadline. However, this morning, as I sat down to write, I turned on the Today Show and was greeted by scenes of the President-Elect and his family arriving for their morning prayer service.
  • Threat of falling on ice no longer funny
    I hadn’t wished that I lived in another hemisphere, but the weather wasn’t what I’d hoped for.
  • Stomach flu wipes out Clan like nothing else
    There are very few things that can put a stop to things around the Clan household. Regardless of what unexpected problems pop up, it’s very rare that anything causes us to call a complete halt to what we’re doing, whether that’s school, canning, gardening, or anything else. But we’re not unstoppable, as flu season always reminds us.
  • Columnist getting lots of feedback from acronym trivia
    I’ve been having a lot of fun with my acronym trivia of Minnesota high schools and based on some of the comments I’ve received from you, so are you. That’s good, I was hoping to get some interaction from the readers, and besides that, it gives me feedback, knowing that someone is reading my article.
  • Children will find books to be uplifting
    Who would you say you look up to?
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