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  • Former insurance building transitions to workout center
      The former Spring Valley Mutual building has been reinvented in the passed eight weeks, as it became the new home for Workout 24/7, previously located next to Subway in Spring Valley.
  • Boards for Brooklyn park project

    For just $20, you can provide the parents and caregivers whose children enjoy Brooklyn Park a little peace of mind. The recently revived city park, located in the shaded parkway between the two sections of East Rushford Ave is being fenced in to keep the youngsters happy and safe.

  • Fillmore Central senior’s dream  comes true with Miss Harmony title

    Gabrielle Shupe is a senior at Fillmore Central. As a young person, she carries many titles: student, athlete, musician, community volunteer, photographer, church member and now, Miss Harmony.

  • County board asked to  repurpose historic jail

    They just don't build massive stone structures the way they used to. At least that's what the Houston County Economic Development Authority (EDA) believes.

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  • A food shelf in Chatfield  will once again be a reality

     “Channel One has approved the Chatfield United Methodist Church (CUMC) as the host site for a food shelf. The Chatfield United Methodist Church board has agreed to be the fiscal agent in order to receive funds and the food necessary to run a food shelf,” stated CUMC’s pastor, the Rev. Debra Collum. 

  • Two women, one rat and 48 states

    On Wednesday, June 29, two women, Lizzy Trickey and Haley Winkelman, from Oregon and their pet rat, Beefy, pedaled their way into Spring Valley, taking time to make a food run and explain their journey across the United States.

  • Preston's veteran cemetery nearing completion

    As progress continues to be made at the state veterans cemetery, located on Highway 52 in Preston, many are wondering when it will be open and ready for the first veteran internments. Months ago, it was hoped the cemetery would open in the spring of this year, but for various reasons, it was postponed. However, the cemetery is nearing the final stretch of its construction.


    One of the strongest pillars of the Twins organization is almost unknown to the general public. He is known, however, to thousands of folks who, since 1985, have purchased season tickets or have been group leaders for their companies or organizations and have planned group outings to watch the Twins play ball. Call him on his phone, and you will hear a magnificent set of pipes, with a warm, friendly voice answering: “Scott O’Connell here!”

  • Bratland, Vickerman are Athletes of the Year
      Two 2015 graduates have been named Spring Grove Athletes of the Year. Dustin Vickerman joins just three other male athletes who have earned the honor more than once (Aric Elton, Sam Morken and Todd Oakes). For the ladies, Samantha Bratland added Athlete of the Year to a long list of achievements. 
  • Aggen gets winning hit for Central in win over PEM

    The Central Legion baseball team racked up 13 hits against Plainview-Elgin-Millville, but it was two hits in the bottom of the seventh that were needed to give the locals an 8-7 win a week ago Thursday.  The Falcons scored six runs in the bottom of the fourth inning and another run in the bottom of the sixth but gave up three runs in the fifth and four more in the top of the seventh as PEM tied the game, “forcing the Falcon heroics” in the bottom of the seventh.


    A Confederate flag flown on the back of the Hartland Fire Department truck during a weekend parade in Albert Lea has sparked significant backlash against the display. The large Confederate flag and an equal sized American flag each dominated one side of the back of the truck during the Independence Day weekend parade held Friday.


    Most of the kids in the Clan like to read. Not all of us would devour a 500-page novel in a rainy afternoon (I would…), but we all like reading. We also enjoy listening to audiobooks, especially at breakfast time or when we’re all working together at the kitchen table. Our all-time favorite audiobooks to listen to are the “Hank the Cowdog” stories by John R. Erickson. Available in print and as audiobooks, these books are very, very funny. They’re a combination of good clean humor and hilarious characters and situations that I can’t recommend highly enough.

  • It has always seemed to me that every year I mentally note that summer is almost here when Memorial Day rolls around. June doesn’t move by very quickly — and neither do I — but nonetheless it does disappear. Suddenly, it is the Fourth of July, and I realize before I can really get a handle on it, Labor Day will arrive. Usually, this happens whether it has been a good summer so far or not.

Right to Marry

The Supreme Court made a historic ruling as they declared same-sex couples have the right to marry in all 50 states. Do you support their ruling?


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